The Laurel Hill Cemetary challenged the Jefferson University lighting class to research, propose, and show dynamic lighting on specific monuments and graves. Supported by Phillips Color Kinetics, 200+ people viewed the project at Laurel Hill Cemetery’s largest fundraiser of the year, The Soul Crawl.
“Through the growth and evolution of (Laurel Hill Cemetery) tours over time, many variations have been tried; not all succeeded or when they did, did not necessarily make a big footprint. But the light displays are another story. I gave tours both nights and made sure that my groups saw every display…To people who had never been there before, an OOOhh moment each time. For returnees, a whole new perspective. And for a guide who’s been watching since the beginning, the light displays were the most dramatic enhancement of the tours - ever.”  David Horwitz, Laurel Hill Cemetery Board Member
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