Initial Sketches looking into Aloof features and characteristics
From my research and initial sketches the form that I thought fit Aloof Flashlight was the pyramid. I explored different proportions and materials using illustrator. 
I first made it out of printer paper with a pencil to allow rotation of the three segments.
From printer paper I moved to a thick metallic paper that would give me a better idea of the final appearance. I was also able to do user testing with this model, users struggled to hold onto the model as the form is slippery and not ergonomic.
This picture shows the original design for the "front" of the flashlight. I liked the idea of using an one-way mirror to hide the actual use of the light.
From the metallic paper model I moved onto a foam model finished in silver spray paint. I also changed the design of the lens for the flashlight to a foggy laser engraved piece of acrylic. The foam model was good but did not represent the final material that this flashlight would be made out of (aluminum).
My final model was made out of wood which represented aluminum much better as the weight was heavier and the corners were sharper.
The Full Lineup
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